Introducing the new Moyasar Form

Back in 2016 when we first launched, we chose the name Moyasar, an Arabic adjective that describes the quality of being easy, simple, and within reach. We were the first Saudi payment gateway to publicly publish their APIs and not require a lengthy battle with customer support to try it, we even added a sandbox even though it was risky, but we did it.

Since then, our small team of brilliant engineers has been working hard to simplify features and provide the best service for our partners. We believe that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", thus keeping things simple and streamlining our processes is our ultimate goal.

In our constant search for simple, we are pleased to announce our recent achievement, the Moyasar Form.

Moyasar Form is a small, simple, and efficient JavaScript library that makes it easy to integrate payments within your site. It so small it fits anywhere; it can be used with plain HTML sites, ReactJs, VueJs, and much more. A single line of code will render a beautiful interface for accepting Mada, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and STC Pay payments.

Simple is easy and intuitive. You are guaranteed to increase the likely hood of successful transactions with our clear design and smooth experience.

What are you waiting for? Try it here now:

What's Next?

We have been and still the fastest growing Apple Pay provider in the region. A lot of features and tooling are coming in the near future that will help automate and streamline the implementation.

Until then, keep up the good work!

Announcing Metadata feature

We are happy to announce the Metadata feature 🎉🚀

Metadata is a set of key-value pairs object that can be attached to payment and invoice objects. Which can be used to store business data to give more context to the main object.

Metadata can be searched and viewed in the API and dashboard and the API is straightforward:

Please visit API docs for more information.

Scheduled Maintenance 25/3/2021

Dear Vauled customer,

We would like to inform you that we are conducting scheduled maintenance on our system on Thursday, 12/8/1442 AH - 3/25/2021 AD, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Riyadh time.

We will notify you immediately when the maintenance is done. 

Announcing the new WooCommerce Plugin

In our journey to become the most reliable and easy payment platform in Saudi Arabia, hence the name Moyasar, we have been trying to find new ways to make payment as easy and pleasant as it can get.

So today, we are happy to announce the new and improved version of our WooCommerce payment plugin, version 4 🎉.

The new version was designed from the ground up to be elegant, reliable, and interactive. It is also easy to set up and configure.

We will be happy to help you obtain and install the new version by contacting our team at:

Hope you love the new style.

Moyasar WooCommerce Plugin now supports STC pay! 😎🎉

We aim for all our clients to stay up to date with new payment methods!
And we work hard to make that happen through improving our open source resources; libraries and plugins.

We are excited to announce that you can now accept STC Pay using the new version of Moyasar WooCommerce Plugin, v3.0.1. 🎉

Make sure you update to this latest version as it has various improvements, for overall processes including Apple Pay and Moyasar Form.

Contact our team to activate STC Pay for you and to get the plugin at: 

We hope that you have a seamless experience!

💰 STC Pay Is Here!

After weeks and weeks of working hard and tirelessly, we’re excited to announce the new payment method STC Pay is here! 🎊

That's making it super easy and seamless to integrate and allows users to utilize wallets to pay in your system.

And of course we prepared our documentation with a tutorial to learn "How To Integrate STC Pay?" and start supporting it now! (Hint: you can use it directly from invoices. 😎)

We hope you get a ton of value from it. Let us know!

🎉 NEW FEATURE: IP Whitelist

Good News!

Now you can guarantee your 🔐 Secret Key 🔐  is safe and will not be used outside your own servers!

Because we care about your private information, and as you know that your secret key can perform all payment operations, including refund, void or list payments.
We added this new feature that will reject any request uses your secret key and is not coming from your own server.

We call it IP Whitelist.

It is optional. And can be set or modified directly from your dashboard.

Visit Moyasar Docs to see how you can enable it.

Visit Moyasar API Docs for additional information.

Your feedback is great addition to our improvements!
And we truly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.

Moyasar WooCommerce is now supporting Apple Pay! 🎉📱⌚️

We are thrilled to announce the new release of Moyasar Woocommerce plugin v2.1.5 with Apple Pay support!
As you might know, Apple Pay requires you to set up Apple requirements before integrating it with Moyasar, so follow this link to prepare all needed requirements.

If you are using WooCommerce and want to request Apple Pay Activation or interested to know more, please contact us at

Transaction Bank Details in Export Payment Files

We working continuously to make data that help merchants with day to day work accessible and easy to get.

We have added more information to exported credit cards, Mada, and Apple Pay payment files to help matching payments with bank details and dispute cases.

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