Announcing Mobile SDKs

When we first landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong spoke his famous words "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". Great things start small, then steadily grow with time. It's been about 60 years since that moment and the impact it left on us is enormous. Space is now a life changing infrastructure that changed the way we travel, communicate and look at our universe.

Here at Moyasar, we love to innovate and are always striving for the best. Every time we step, we make small and steady steps. Our goal is to become the best, simple, and most efficient payment solutions provider in the area, we want to be the next infrastructure that transforms our local economy.

Like that step on the moon, we are making a new step towards achieving our goal. We are happy to announce our simple yet powerful integration SDKs for both iOS and Android.

The new kits are straight-forward and easy methods for integrating Moyasar payments within your app. Both provide a small and clear user interface to help your clients complete payments successfully while providing a simple programming interface for developers.

It's an alpha release, and we would like to hear your input either criticism or suggestions.

You can find instructions for your environment by following one of these links:

Android SDK:

Happy coding 🎉